As Heard on OKC Radio

    Your Home Sold or Wally will Buy It

    at a price & possession date we both agree to upfront

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    YES---WE HAVE THE BUYERS---just as you hear Wally advertise on the radio. We will SHOW you our list of buyers for a home like yours. Are you interviewing another agent to sell your home? ASK to see their list of buyers; then call us. We will show you the ACTIVE BUYERS in our database. You will be impressed. If not, we'll send you to dinner at Chili's, as a thank-you for the opportunity to meet with you...no strings attached. (Offer is reserved, of course, to those "seriously considering" selling their home.)

    We're so confident we'll sell your home that Wally will GUARANTEE it in writing

    (Seller and Wally must agree on a price and possession date)

    Updated November 1, 2018:

    784 BUYERS PLANNING TO BUY WITHIN 12 MONTHS (all metro OKC areas and price points)



    Your biggest dilemma when considering purchasing another home is deciding whether to BUY first or SELL first.  Either way is risky.  You don't want to get stuck owning two homes, or owning no home at all.

    When you list your home with us, you have the option of receiving a "better than risk-free" offer.  In fact, it works to your benefit in two ways:

    1.  You receive our upfront guaranteed price in writing that in the unlikely event your home does not sell during the listing period, Wally will buy the home for cash at a price agreed to upfront.

    2.  If you receive an offer from a buyer that is higher than the guaranteed price and nets you more money, you get the higher offer, not ours.

    This also means that if you see another home you'd like to purchase, you can immediately make an offer and negotiate the lowest price for it, knowing that your current home is guaranteed to sell.






    *Wally and home seller must agree on price and possession date.